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About National Vinyl LLC

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When I first started working with National Vinyl, I was amazed at how committed the company was to providing the best quality windows and doors at the best possible price. I thought to myself, wow – do homeowners know about this? It should come as no surprise, then, to know that for years National Vinyl windows have exceeded the energy efficiency requirements that have been recently set as guidelines by both Federal agencies and local utility companies. While other window manufacturers now need to change or improve their windows to meet these new standards (and subsequently increase their costs) National Vinyl has not.

Now that I am the General Manager of National Vinyl LLC, I can tell you that National Vinyl manufacturers one of the best vinyl windows available on the market today. And our commitment to providing the best quality windows and doors at the best possible prices continues to grow. I meet regularly with the Governmental agencies, Industry Organizations and manufacturing groups to learn about ways to improve our windows and doors and our team gets to work.

We’re a local company and I work with friends and neighbors at National Vinyl. We feel good about the products we make and we’re proud to say we price our products so that they are affordable. We all work under the simple premise, we are only as good as our last window and therefore it is important to make sure that each and every window and door produced for our customer is the very best we can deliver. In addition to our vinyl windows, we also provide quality window and door products – a full line of replacement windows, sliding and swing patio doors, storm windows and storm doors, a full line of new construction windows and an impact rated hurricane window line.

Talk with us. We would like to know about your specific window and door needs and how we could help.

Scott Channell
General Manager
National Vinyl LLC


National Vinyl LLC was founded by Ben Surner and Stephen Fellers with the simple premise to make the best windows at a fair price and provide the best value and service in the industry. Their partnership formed in 1963 when Ben became 50% owner in Stephens’ gas and service station. Since then they have been 50-50 partners in every business they’ve formed. In National Vinyl LLC Ben and Stephen bring to the table over 30 years of fenestration experience having built their first interior storm panel in 1978 and first vinyl window in 1984.

Ben, Stephen and all of us at National Vinyl LLC thank you for the opportunity to provide our quality windows and doors for your home. We understand that in today’s market there are many choices and the decision to buy windows and doors is one that needs only to be made once. That is why we are so confident that given the chance you will be completely satisfied with your decision to use National Vinyl in your home.