Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m thinking of replacing the windows in my home, aren’t all windows the same?

A. No, you should be concerned about the vinyl extrusions that the windows are made from and the spacer between each piece of glass which forms your “insulated glass?.

Vinyl Extrusions: Not all are created equal. First you want to make sure that the design is rigid enough to withstand the rigors of our Northeast climate. Is it made of virgin vinyl (virgin vinyl means that it is first generation and not made of regrind. The use of regrind can make a window weaker). We use Chelsea Building Products for our vinyl. Based in the Pittsburgh area, Chelsea is not only one of the premiere extruders of vinyl extrusions in North America but also has the distinction of manufacturing the very first tilt in vinyl window in the US in 1975.

Spacers: We use Edgetech Super Spacer as our exclusive system. Super Spacer with SustainaView technology is one of the warmest and most durable systems in the market today. Having no metal in the spacer while being structural is one of the reasons we are able to meet the new stringent Energy Star requirements without changing how we manufacture the window. As well the proven durability has allowed us to have the comfort level to offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Q.My home is older, shouldn’t I replace my windows with wood windows – that is what is in my home now?

A.Unless there is a specific aesthetic or historical reason why, the smarter choice is to replace is with vinyl windows. Vinyl windows historically perform better both structurally as well as in thermal efficiency. Also due to National Vinyl’s multiple options you will be able to match almost every homes décor.

Q.Is every vinyl window the same?

A.Absolutely not. Not all windows let alone vinyl windows are created equal. When considering the window take into consideration warranty – is it lifetime, is it transferable? Consider the window’s spacer system – does it have metal which can be colder or hotter? Find out about the window’s vinyl extrusions – are they virgin and are they designed to meet your location’s requirements?

Q.I heard that vinyl windows and doors have lead in them?

A.This could not be farther from the truth. ALL North American (United States, Canada, & Mexico) extruders of vinyl are required by law to not have lead as an ingredient in their extrusions. This is why when picking a vinyl window you want to ask the question where is the vinyl from? Vinyl profiles produced in China suffer from a somewhat dubious reputation in the market. In the past, there were problems with vinyl profiles produced in China that contained lead. Concerns about lead linger and most U.S. manufacturers who use Chinese extrusions are not in a position to have a person on the ground in China to ensure the ongoing quality of profiles to be imported.

Q.I’ve heard a lot about Federal Tax Rebates and Rebates from my oil/gas/electric company. Do all windows and doors qualify for these rebates?

A.No. Each program has different requirements to qualify for rebates. Most require minimum Energy Star levels but yet others require even greater performance. Almost all National Vinyl windows and doors with Low-e glass and argon meet most of the current rebates including the $1500 Federal Tax Credit which expires at the end of 2010. Be rest assured that National Vinyl is hard at work meeting EVERY current and new program to come including the DOE’s new R-5 program. We are able to meet U-Values as low as .20 on a Double Hung and .16 on a fixed Picture Window!

Q.I see offers and advertising for very low installed replacement windows - $200 per window installed for example. Are these a good deal?

A.No. Be leery of any company willing to offer windows that low. Many times this will result in the old adage “you get what you pay for?. Many times these advertised “specials? are designed only to get the remodeler into your door and once in you may find that the “special? is not really so special. There may be limitations in sizes or options thus leading to much higher average cost. Another tactic is to show you the “low cost? window knowing full well you will not go for it because you realize it is not a quality product only to have another window in the wings of much greater cost to sell. Either way, know who you are buying from, get references, ask to see their contractor license, and make sure they are properly insured.

Q.I’m considering a window that comes with a 10 year warranty. I’m only going to live in my house for 5 more years so, isn’t this a great warranty for me?

A.Again you get what you pay for. A transferrable, lifetime warranty is a better “asset? for you. When you get ready to sell your home in 5 or even 10 years it will pay dividends when your buyer realizes they have many years of value in the provided warranty. Do you have a question that is not answered above? Please contact and ask us and we’ll be glad to answer any question you may have.