You’ve just purchased the best new construction or vinyl replacement window available today. Taking proper care of your National Vinyl windows can give you years of trouble-free enjoyment. We manufacture our windows with a tough, resilient vinyl formulated to withstand nature’s elements. Proper care of your National Vinyl windows will keep them beautiful for years to come and can be accomplished as easy as 1-2-3.

Wash your windows at least annually, twice a year is recommended Why is washing your windows so important? Our environment can be unkind to windows. Pollen, dust, and bugs are just a few of the environment’s natural elements that can leave “residue? on your windows. Cleaning your windows of this debris helps to remove the elements that, over time, can leave spots on your window glass or sashes. Cleaning your windows of this debris also helps to ensure the smooth operation of your windows by removing these elements from the window’s operational parts. We recommend that you wash your windows after the pollen drops in the spring and fall.

Step One: Vacuum

Thoroughly vacuum all areas of the window frame with a soft brush.

Step Two: Wash & Rinse

Wash all areas of the window – both glass and sash as well as screens – with a mild solution of dishwashing detergent and water. Rinse with water. Feel free to use standard glass cleaner when cleaning glass surfaces of your new National Vinyl windows.

Step Three: Dry

Dry your windows with a soft cloth to remove streaks from the glass and sashes. Allow screens to air dry completely.

Window Care Made

Easy Both the top and bottom sashes of your National Vinyl windows easily tilt IN for safe cleaning. Make sure you ask your installer to show you how.

View our National Vinyl Window Care Manual and Condensation Guide for more on how to operate your National Vinyl windows and for information on condensation and windows.